Is It Illegal To Draw On Money? (3 Fines + Consequences)

Quick Summary: According to 18 U.S. Code 333, Mutilation of National Bank Obligations, drawing money is unlawful. It is advisable to keep your artistic talents on paper rather than risk getting in trouble for drawing on a dollar note, even if you probably won’t face any consequences. There is a fine or a maximum of … Read more

Is It Illegal To Have A Fake ID? (50 State Laws + Fines)

My wife’s underage sister just happened to get a new boyfriend and the first night we hung out with them they mentioned that they would be going to the gas station to purchase alcohol with their fake ids. I was baffled, I would have never even tried to do something like that but even more … Read more

When Is It Legal To use A Flare? (Federal Law + 5 Tips)

My family lives close to a rather large lake and every year when we go out boating for the 4th of July we are reminded of the safety equipment that is on the boat. The strange thing is we’ve never really tested the flares that were in the safety cabinet. I’ve always wondered what would … Read more

Is It Illegal To Spit On Someone?

Quick Summary: Yes, it’s illegal to spit on someone. In most states, spitting on someone is considered assault or battery and is punishable by fines or even jail time. However, the exact penalties vary by state and the circumstances of the incident. For example, spitting on a police officer is typically considered a more serious … Read more

Is It Illegal To Eat and Drive?

guy eating and driving in the car with his girlfriend in passenger seat

Quick Summary: No, eating and driving are not illegal in themselves. However, if your eating habits result in distracted driving and lead to an accident or traffic violation, you could face consequences. Eating while driving falls under the category of distracted driving, along with texting, talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio, and any … Read more

Is Brake Checking Illegal?

this is a car sitting in traffic getting brake checked

I was delivering for Amazon in one of these little small towns outside the city and while driving down the main street some guy drove around me and decided to slam on his brakes in front of my van moving 45 mph. I was blown away, well if I’m being honest I was pissed. I … Read more

Is It Illegal To Hit A Deer and Drive Off?

car is rolled over after hitting a deer and is now missing it's wheels

Back in the day I used to have to drive back and forth from work though the back roads of Missouri. While it was peaceful you would also encounter a bit of wildlife on your drive. Occasionally near missing deer and whatever else walks onto the road in the early mornings of the day. But … Read more

Is It Illegal To Flip Off A Cop?

this is a person giving the middle finger in ankle cuffs

The other night my wife and I were driving off of an interstate coming towards a traffic light, as we got closer it started to turn yellow. So to make a little bit of fun I decided to flip off the stop light and to make the situation worse there was a police officer sitting … Read more