Is It Illegal To Screenshot Text Messages?

I’ve sent some sensitive information to buddies before during my high school years, the great thing is I always trusted them with what I was either showing or telling them. I was fortunate to never have to worry about something bad happening with them but what if they did screenshot it or if they shared it with someone I didn’t want it to be shared with? Would it be illegal to screenshot text messages? This is what I have found out!

No, It is not illegal to screenshot text messages. Many people are concerned about their privacy and want to know if they can take action if someone screenshots a sensitive message that they have sent to another person. In most cases, there is no legal action that you can take against someone who screenshotted your message without permission. Though there might be some more to this idea.

When you keep reading I’ll explain which type of scenarios in which screenshotting texts could potentially be illegal and a few other interesting ideas around this topic.

What is Screenshotting?

For the sake of everyone being on the same page I want to help you understand exactly what screenshotting a text means. Let’s say your buddy sends you a text message and you want to take a picture of that text as evidence. You would use your smartphone’s screenshot function and take a picture of your screen with whatever they said on the screen.

Screenshotting is usually done when someone is trying to save or document some form of communication. It could be a message they sent, a piece of information on someone’s website, or even something that is happening on their computer screen right in front of them. In any case, it is quite common and is generally not illegal.

What is The Law Around Screenshotting in The US

If you’re screenshotting random texts you’re fine, but if you’re screenshotting messages regarding financial information or other things that would be considered sensitive, then you might need to worry about the law.

In general, there is no specific law against taking screenshots of text messages without permission in the US. However, there are some laws around privacy and confidentiality that may apply in certain situations. For example, if you send financial information or other sensitive information in a text message, then taking a screenshot of that message could potentially be considered illegal if it is shared with someone who is not authorized to view that information. This could include things like medical records, Social Security numbers, bank account information, and more.

There may also be laws in your state or local jurisdiction that could apply to this issue. For example, some states have specific privacy laws that are designed to protect sensitive information like medical records and financial information. So if you believe that someone is violating these types of laws by screenshotting your messages, you may be able to take legal action.

What Are The Implications of Screenshotting Text Messages?

Let’s say you’re the one taking the screenshots without permission. While it is not technically illegal to screenshot someone else’s text messages, there is a good chance that doing could have serious implications for your personal or professional life. For example, if you are taking screenshots of sensitive information from your boss’s messages and sharing them with others in your office, this could lead to disciplinary action or even termination.

If you’re screenshotting a friends message you might lose their trust and it could damage your relationship with them.

What About Social Media?

While the rules and laws around screenshotting text messages is somewhat unclear, it is generally easier to take screenshots of social media posts. This is because such platforms are designed to be more public in nature, so there is less expectation of privacy for content that is shared on these sites.

Below I have listed a couple different platforms and what you can do to combat screenshotting on those platforms:

  • Facebook: If you are concerned about people screenshotting your messages on social media platforms like Facebook, there is not much you can do to prevent them from doing so. However, it is a good idea to be careful about what information you share in your messages and posts, as well as who is able to see this content. Additionally, you may want to restrict the visibility of your posts so that only people who you know and trust can view them.
  • Snapchat: There is an option to set your account to only allow screenshots from other users who have explicitly allowed this in their settings. To do so, go to your privacy and security settings within the app and enable “Allow screenshots.” This will prevent anyone who doesn’t explicitly have permission
  • Emails: Many email providers have an option to disable the ability for recipients of your emails to take screenshots of them. This is typically done through the mobile app settings or by adding a feature called “screenshot protection” within your account settings.

How to Protect Yourself From Screenshots

If you’re concerned about someone screenshotting your messages, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself.

  • Privacy App: One option is to install a privacy app, which can help you set up passwords and access controls on certain apps and messages. For example, if someone tries to screenshot your message they will be prompted for a password before the image is saved.
  • Password Protect Messages: Another option is to password protect all of your sensitive messages, so that no one is able to screenshot or access them without your permission.
  • Communicate Clearly: Finally, if you’re concerned about someone screenshotting a text message, it is important to communicate clearly and make sure that the other person is aware of any sensitive information included in that message. This can help minimize the risk of any legal repercussions should they choose to screenshot or share that message.


At the end of the day, is it illegal to screenshot text messages is a complicated question with no clear answer. In general, there is no specific law against screenshotting without permission in the US, but you may be at risk for legal or professional repercussions if you do so with sensitive information. If you are worried about someone screenshotting your messages, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself and minimize this risk, including using privacy apps or password-protecting your messages.