Is It Illegal To Go Under The Speed Limit?

For some reason when I turned 25 I had a change in heart on how fast I go on highways. Before this epiphany I would speed 10-15 over and get upset at drivers that weren’t following the same speed as me but now I go the speed limit and under it. Since going the speed limit or over is the new normal I’ve always wondered if it was illegal or not to go under the speed limit.

No it’s not illegal to go under the speed limit. The only time it would be considered illegal is if you were going below the posted “minimum speed” on an interstate or impeding the normal and reasonable flow of traffic.

Below I’ll go into detail about about driving under the speed limit and what to do if you’re a more cautious driver.

Can you drive slower than the limit?

Yes, if you’re on a road and the speed limit is 65 you’re perfectly fine to go 60 if you feel that is what’s most comfortable to you.

The only time you would get in trouble for driving under the speed limit is when you’re so far below it that you’re causing traffic issues. This is why on interstates there is a minimum posted speed limit of 45mph.

Why is there a speed limit?

The speed limit is in place to make sure everyone is driving at a safe and reasonable speed. Going over the limit is not only dangerous but can put you at risk of getting a ticket, whereas going under it is perfectly acceptable as long as other drivers aren’t being impeded.

Can You Get Pulled Over and Given A Ticket?

If you are driving slower than the posted speed limit and it is causing other motorists to react in a hazardous way, then you could get pulled over and given a ticket. While this is not common, it is possible and all drivers should be aware of the potential consequences of going under the speed limit.

Think of it like this, you’re on a busy road and you’re going 50 under the speed limit. At some point this is going to cause an issue with other drivers, they may be forced to swerve or brake suddenly in order to avoid you. In this situation, you could get pulled over and given a ticket for impeding the reasonable flow of traffic.

What’s The Slowest You Can Go On A Highway?

The slowest speed you can drive on a highway is the posted minimum speed limit. Generally, this is set at 45 mph on interstates. If your vehicle is unable to reach that speed then it is not advised for you to travel on the highway.

Why Do So Many People Drive Below The Speed Limit?

There is no single answer to this question as every driver is different. Some people may drive below the speed limit because they are inexperienced or nervous drivers, while others may simply be more comfortable driving at a slower pace. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is the safest and most reasonable speed for them to travel on the highway.


It is not illegal to go under the speed limit, but it is important to remember that doing so can potentially cause hazardous situations. It is always best to pay attention to your surroundings and drive at a safe and reasonable speed. If you are on a highway, make sure to adhere to the posted minimum speed limit of 45mph. Remember, driving is a privilege and is not to be taken lightly. So whether you’re driving the speed limit or below, make sure to do it safely.