Is It Illegal To Walk On The Highway?

This is a photo of a gentleman walking on the highway at sunset

Quick Summary: There are some caveats to this question. If you’re walking on the interstate, then yes it is illegal. If you’re walking on a state highway or county road then it’s not illegal unless there is a statute against it. For example, Kansas states “Where a sidewalk is not available, any pedestrian walking along … Read more

Is It Illegal To Fake Your Own Death?

Quick Summary: Faking your own death is not illegal in and of itself. However, there are serious consequences that can result from faking your own death. For example, if someone goes through the process of faking their death and changing their identity, they may still be legally responsible for any debts or contracts that they … Read more

Is it illegal to have small talk on an elevator?

So fiancé and I live in this apartment where we’re often faced with riding with people in the elevator. Though we don’t really talk to them when we’re going up or down but I am really interested to know if it is illegal or not to have small talk on an elevator. So in this … Read more

I Ding-Dong Ditched So You Don’t Have To! (3 State laws + Fines)

Quick Summary: Yes, “Ding Dong Ditching” is considered trespassing. When you ring someone’s doorbell and then flee, you are entering their property without their consent. This might result in misdemeanor trespass charges and fines. Even if no physical damage is done to the property, it is still criminal since it creates alarm and anguish for … Read more

Is It Illegal To Work Under The Table?

This photo is showing a gentleman that is giving his friend cash in a envelope

My first job when I was 16 was a dishwasher. I got payed by check every two weeks for most of my career there expect for these few couple times when I would be handed it all in cash. I was confused as why he was giving me cash and not my normal check. At … Read more

Is It Illegal To Hitchhike? (5 State Laws + Risks)

this photo is showing a guy with his thumb out on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride from a car.

In 2022 I walked across the country from Kansas City to New York City. During the trip I would spend 8 hours a day walking 20ish miles along highways and frequently drivers would stop and ask if I needed a ride to the next town. Given how lonely the walking was, I didn’t ever accept … Read more

Is It Illegal To Mail Cash?

this picture shows a stack of envelopes that could potentially be sent with cash inside of them

Quick Summary: There is no federal law that prohibits mailing cash, but it is generally not a good idea because it can easily be lost or stolen. If you do choose to mail cash, it is recommended that you take precautions to ensure that it arrives safely at its destination. This might include sending the … Read more